vSphere ‘Invalid configuration for device ‘0’ error’ Solution

Using vSphere 4 hosts (in this case a legacy un-patched host that was being migrated off and decommissioned), we came across an interesting and ambiguois error - 'Invalid configuration for device '0', plus a note of time, the target object and the vCenter Server. In this case, I was trying to migrate a powered-off VM to different storage - resulting in the error. I also found that the issue was related to the second disk attached to the VM. Editing the VM showed the size as 0MB, but removing this disk also threw the error in vCenter. The solution was to follow these steps: Remove the VM from the vCenter inventory. Update the VM VMX file. There are 2 ways to do this - SSH to the host / datastore using a tool like Putty, or use … [Read more...]

Troubleshooting: Missing file after vMotion attempt

I apologise in advance if this doesn't make much sense to you. It took me a while to unravel what was wrong and I still don't know why. Update 5 was being applied to a 3.5 cluster and one of the hosts was being placed into maintenance mode. Most of the VMs were migrated to other hosts but one failed part way through and was powered off. At first I thought that one of the two hosts had a grumpy moment but the VM then refused to power on again and the following message was shown: Ooops. I had a good rummage in the hostd.log file on the host that attempted to power on the VM and found the following messages: (I've sanitised this log file snippet so the names aren't accurate but they are consistent with the issue that I … [Read more...]

Beginning with Storage vMotion

Storage vMotion was introduced with ESX 3.5 about a year ago but for various reasons I've never had the opportunity or need to use it until now. The project that required its use has been knocking around for a few months now. It started as a single ESX server that was to be used to build a small number of VMs for use by my customer as an HR system. Three months or so after putting in that first host I was finally called back to add another and setup VirtualCenter. Installing ESX, VC and doing all of the necessary configuration was straightforward (mostly), I've done it a number of times before. Migrating the live VMs from their location on local storage on the first host to a SAN LUN was the new bit, the bit that required Storage vMotion. … [Read more...]