Get the DN of your Windows account from AD

You know how it is. A nice, nested OU structure in AD. Everything beautifully organised in containers with weird and wonderful names. There's a new guy who needs an account creating. Needs the same permissions as you. Simplest answer is to copy the account. But you didn't set your account up so you have no idea where in the beautifully organised tree it is. For a quick answer, run this VBScript: Ah, found it. Of course, things would be much quicker with PowerShell but 4 hours ago I was the new guy and PowerShell doesn't really exists that side of the firewall yet :-) … [Read more...]

Windows 2003 Cluster failover email

I've lost track of the number of clusters that I have implemented or supported over the last few years. With each edition of Windows server that comes out clustering has improved. It was a bit of a dark art with Windows 2000 and in Windows 2008 it's pretty much all point and click (and not many clicks at that). Most clusters that I encounter at the moment are still 2003. In a lot of organisations the joys of 2008 are still to come. Clustering in 2003 offers few built in options for notifying anybody that a resource group has moved or failed over to another node. Ideally, the fact that it has should not be any cause for alarm but there are occasions when it is useful to know. Fortunately for some a well trained piece of monitoring software … [Read more...]