Changing Cisco UCS Platform Emulator 2.0 Hardware Inventory


After installing and configuring the Cisco UCS Platform Emulator, the default inventory for the emulator may not be sufficient for most. So, update it! Here's how.... The appliance UCS Manager will load the configuration stored in the 'Start-up Inventory'. On deployment and with no changes, this only contains 2 x Fabrix Interconnects, 1 x Chassis and 8 x Server. That configuration can be added to or modified by a drag-and-drop interface in the Hardware Inventory. To access this, select the 'Hardware Inventory' option on the appliance control panel inside the web interface. … [Read more...]

Configuring Cisco UCS Platform Emulator v2.0 on vSphere


In a previous post, I discussed the process for migrating and installing the UCS-PE v2.0 into a vSphere environment. In this post, we will look at configuring and initial usage of the environment. Following deployment, the VM may or may not have booted with a DHCP IP address. We'll take up the story there: Configuring UCSPE v2.0: 1. Launch vClient and open the console to the UCSPE virtual machine. 2. The initial username and password for the appliance are: u: config, p: config. Login to the appliance using these credentials. … [Read more...]

Deploying Cisco UCS Platform Emulator 2.0 on vSphere


As part of a dual-purpose task of a production UCS system and research & development of UCS workflows using Orchestrator, I have deployed the recently released Cisco UCS Platform Emulator v2.0. Released on 18th November, the platform emulator is available for download here, with document here. The platform is downloadable as a 7zip archive, and needs a (free) Cisco Developer Network account. Deployment considerations: - The 7zip archive contains VMDK files that can be used with Workstation or Fusion, but need some additional steps to get it to work in a vSphere environment. - To install in vSphere, the VMDK files need to be processed with VMware Converter Standalone, then deployed to vCenter directly. Note: For this post, … [Read more...]