Getting Back on the Blogging Horse

I don't want this to turn into a daft post about new year's resolutions but its probably going to feel a bit like that when I've finished writing it. For that you have my apologies. 2012 was a roller coaster year for me. I spent nearly half of it out of the country and gave myself a little too much to my day job in the later months. The net result was that I did not do some of the things that I set out to do: I didn't write as many blog articles as I had planned to; I didn't update or obtain the certifications that I wanted to do; I didn't give back to the VMware virtualisation community all that I wanted to; I didn't spend enough time on the technologies, projects and tasks that most interest me. Don't misunderstand, it was still a … [Read more...]

I’m back…

It's been a while now since I've been able to give blogging (or anything) my full attention. For the last five months I've mostly been in the San Francisco Bay Area helping my employer establish a US presence. Ironically, I've been staying just a few miles from Palo Alto and certainly close enough to the Moscone Center to have attended VMworld had I still been out there. Alas, it wasn't to be. I'm very jealous of my fellow LonVMUG members, the many other vExperts I'm fortunate to have spoken with and everyone else going as well. Make the most of it! Keeping on top of things whilst your family is over 5000 miles away isn't easy and so I haven't had the opportunity to write as much as I would want to. But now I'm back and it's time to pick … [Read more...]

Apple update iPad and iOS

Apple have now released the newest version of the iPad, and at the same time updated the iOS mobile operating system to 5.1. As we aren't focused on Apple technologies (being a virtualisation blog and all), here is a brief summary of the highlights and where to find more information. As soon as possible, we will test functionality of the vClient app on the new iOS (and the iPad when we get one....), and report back as soon as we can on any functionality issues, enhancements or improvements. Apple iPad ( Updated retina display, now 2048x1536 at 264 ppi (pixels per inch) Updated 5MP camera Updated processing power, now with dual-core A5X custom processor Includes 4G compatibility New pricing, … [Read more...]

vGeek TV

I thought I'd save this for a Friday morning - something to make the weekend happen earlier maybe? It started earlier in the week. Mike Laverick, Steve Bruck and Stu McHugh had a twitter conversation that led to one of them coming up with "V Factor", the Geek alternative to ITV's "X Factor". This spawned several minutes of additional vGeek televisual programme ideas being suggested by a number of tweeters. For your brief enjoyment, here are all of the ones I managed to capture at the time: VMUGrats Cache in the Attic The only way is ESX v Factor The Amazing vRace EMCbeebies VMotion Street QuestEnders OLEoaks VMerdale 'DRS' (Doctors) A vSpecialist Abroad Buffy the VM Slayer Deadliest Cache 24-Hours - … [Read more...]

VMworld Solutions Exchange

For some the Solutions Exchange at VMworld is the place to get free pens and stress balls in between conference sessions. For others, myself included, it's an opportunity to learn about products related to or supporting the virtualisation industry. I spent several hours in there talking to representatives of several vendors with products that I have either used in the past, might use on upcoming projects or that I am just curious about. What follows is a summary or overview of some of the vendors (besides the VMware stand of course) that I visited. QNAP I've included QNAP and visited them for one fairly simple reason - I own one of their devices! Ok, my QNAP NAS is fairly small (two drives in a RAID 1 configuration) and I mostly use it … [Read more...]

VMworld: Thank you!

This has been my first visit to VMworld and my first industry conference and I just wanted to say a big, public thank you to a number of people. Thank you John Troyer for arranging a conference pass for me. Thank you to my company, Virtual Clarity, for encouraging and supporting my attendance. Thank you to the hundreds of people who organised, setup and facilitated the conference. Thank you to Denmark for playing host to 7000+ geeks. Finally, thank you VMware for the content, the event, practically inventing this industry and continuing to innovate. … [Read more...]

Two Heads Are Better Than One…

It's time for me to announce that is now going to be a multi-author site. A former colleague of mine, Jeremy Bowman, has caught the writing bug and I'm pleased to announce that he's going to be writing articles here. In fact, he's already put several up! Good Morning OpenStack! Samsung N145+ NetBook Review The Case for Cloud Blogging From VMworld 2011 Las Vegas New GA Releases - vSphere 5 & Friends Go Public Jeremy's currently at VMworld in Las Vegas (I'm envious) so please do say "hello" if you happen to meet him. … [Read more...]

New GA Releases – vSphere 5 & Friends Go Public

On 24th August, VMware announced the GA availability of several recently announced products. The main products that are now download available for trial or license are: vSphere 5.0 vCenter 5.0 vShield Manager 5.0 vStorage Appliance 1.0 Also of great use to those in the development and implementation phases of early adoption deployment are the documentation packs for these products, including where appropriate, the maximums guides. Download these versions are as follows: vSphere: Documentation: … [Read more...]

UK VMUG: A Date for your Diaries!

For several years now I have been a fairly regular attender of the London VMware User Group (VMUG) here in the UK. They're a fantatsic opportunity to meet other people who: Work in the virtualisation space (and usually share a passion for it) Work with different ancillary products and technologies than you're used to Work in different ways than you're used Have different opinions on how to achieve the same IT related goals Have loads of great stories and experiences to share On top of all of that you get to learn lots of new things and pick the brains of some industry luminaries, oh and have a few beers with them afterwards. There are also VMUGs held regularly in the North of England (Leeds usually) and sometimes in … [Read more...]

vExpert 2011… Surely not?

"Don't call me Shirley!" I love that joke but "surely not" was my response when John Troyer's email popped into my inbox this morning. Since that time I've had a veritable deluge of congratulations from all quarters. Along with the award itself that means a lot to me so this is a big public thank you to everyone really, especially John Troyer and vExpert panel. Obviously the bar has been set now. Time to get my bottom in gear. … [Read more...]