vCloud Director vApp Error ‘Cannot Update’

Came across another strange issue in a production environment the other day that was also a bit of a facepalm monent. Users of a private vCloud Director instance were complaining of issues with updating vApps - specifically around adding and managing assigned storage associated with these vApps. The errors presented within the vCloud interface were randomly brief and not a little vague - 'Details: Error, Status: Error' etc. This error in the example was taken directly from the vCloud GUI, with no associated vSphere Tasks (that list being blank). The error presented wether the vApp was running or stopped, and wether the VM concerned was running or stopped - each time it was the same. Looking a little deeper into the vCloud logs … [Read more...]

vCAC Agent Install ‘RepoUtil.exe’ Error

Like many out there, I am upgrading my lab environment to the new vCloud Automation Center, since 5.2 was released. The installation process is a little different, and shows evidence of the transition from the old DynamicOps product to one more inline with the other vCloud Suite offerings. I will write-up another post about the full installation of vCAC 5.2 in due course, but in the meantime this is a quick heads-up to make sure to read the requirements documents before completing the install. vCould Automation Center 5.1 used to require DotNet 4.0 to be installed for Endpoint agents to run correctly. If you are in a lab environment and are happy to build and burn your existing vCAC deployment, then mostly an installation in situ will … [Read more...]

Manual vCNS / vShield Edge HA Little Gem!

Recently, I have been doing lots with vCNS and manual creation / manipulation of vShield Edge devices (posts coming soon). One thing that drive me crazy is a tiny little thing that prompted me to write this quick Little Gem - 'Edge HA' sat on my to do list, and gloated at me..... When creating a manual vShield Edge device in vCNS, there is the usual opportunity to create an pair of appliances for running the pair in High Availability mode. Trouble is, the options for deployment are limited and not very clear. (This might be clear / obvious to some, but weren't to me!) When creating an HA pair, in the vShield Manager console editing the Edge device in question under Settings - the HA Configuration gives few options. Essentially, … [Read more...]

SQL Express: Quick results using SQLCMD

I've been playing with some of VMware's new products in my homelab, and have been using SQL Express 2008 R2 as part of the set-up / installations. In building and burning installs, I've often found the need to build and delete databases quickly. Now - instead of using SQL Management Studio Express Edition to manage this (mostly DB drop) avtivity, I've found a much quicker method: Use SQLCMD. To connect to a local SQL Express instance \SQLEXPRESS: C:\sqlcmd -S.\SQLEXPRESS To list existing databases within the default instance: 1> sp_databases 2> go To 'use' a particular database (e.g. DISCO): 1> use DISCO 2> go To delete a particular database (e.g. DISCO): 1> drop database [DISCO] 2> go (with the last … [Read more...]

vSpecialist Little Gems – Number 2

I recently found a little gem that may or not be widely known.... Persistent Tabs in Google Chrome I'm a recent convert to Google Chrome, having been using Firefox on Windows and Mac for several years. There are many things about Chrome I like, but one of the annoyances was I missed Firefox's ability to save a set of tabs and have them re-open when launching a new browser. This morning, I had a delve into Chrome's settings, and found the answer - here's how to do it: Click on the  button in Chrome. Select 'Settings' from the menu. Select 'Show Advanced Settings' from the bottom of the basic settings list. Under the 'On Start Up' section, select the 'Continue Where I Left Off' setting. That's it! When you re-open Chrome, … [Read more...]

vSpecialist Little Gems – Number 1

Today's Little Gems post recommends the following technology morsels: Windows 7 Speech Recognition. Very cool technology for using your voice to control your Windows computer OS. MouseGrid. Freeware utility to control mouse clicks on-screen using either the keypad or voice commands. No Colour Firefox extension. Sick of viewing websites with lurid or visually offensive backgrounds? Use this to remove them. More soon! … [Read more...]

vSpecialist Little Gems

Occasionally, I come acoss some features of an OS or technology that aren't widely known, used or talked about that I think are really cool and worth investigating further. They could be (and often are) from all spectrums of the IT spehere - from Mac OS to Windows, from cloud platforms to hosting infrastructure, from web applications to desktop widgets. I plan to write these up in a series of mini-posts to give you, the reader, some inspiration to look deeper into the technology you use, to discover more hidden gems or features you may not have discovered. Little Gems published so far: [catlist name=little-gems] … [Read more...]