vCloud Director not reporting CPU Utilization

I came across a customer site recently where their vCloud Director (vCD) 5.1 implementation was not reporting CPU utilization for Organisation Virtual Datacenters (Org VDCs). RAM and storage allocation was fine, just CPU was not showing a usage bar, and the mouse over tip reported 0% allocated.

Turns out this is a known issue with vCloud Director 5.1, and VMware have released KB 2054043 relating to this issue. Their advice (via the KB) is to:

  1. Upgrade vCloud Director to version 5.1.2 or later.
  2. Enable Elastic Allocation Pool mode for vCloud Director. To do this:
    1. Login to vCD as a System Administrator user.
    2. Navigate to Home > Administration > General.
    3. Unter the Miscellaneous section, check the box next to ‘Make Allocation pool Org VDCs elastic’.
    4. Click Apply to confirm the setting.

It may take a few minutes for the Org VDCs to update their utilisation settings for vCD, but soon after application of this settings, the CPU should report in the Org VDC > Monitor view along with RAM and storage allocation.

Note: Although the KB from VMware specifically mentions this for vCloud Director 5.1.x, this also affects vCD v5.5.x as well – so those using newer vCD versions may still need to apply the elastic setting for CPU to be reported.

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