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It’s not often that we here at vSpecialist write-up specific vendor technologies, or blog about our workplaces. This is, after all, a generic virtualization blog where we discuss all aspects of IT. However, once in a while, interesting pieces of technological integration comes along that transcends the specific target audience and appeals to the wider IT audience as a whole due to the way the different elements fit together or a new approach.

HR Link is one of those occasions.

Before I start, in the interests of transparency, I need to point out that I work for Fusion Business Solutions, the developers of the HR Link integration application.

HR Link is built on the BMC RemedyAR workflow platform. AR is short for the Action Request system, an under-pinning platform on which other applications like ITSM and other BMC products run.

The technology – whilst interesting in it’s own right – is not the most interesting aspect of this application to a wider IT audience. What is most interesting is the workflow approach taken as an overlay for process management plus the ability to aggregate information from multiple external data sources. Much like VMware Orchestrator, the AR System can take a decision tree and map it to business processes, which themselves map to IT process workflows as part of an IT operational context. This ability is becoming increasingly vital to Infrastructure Architects and Designers who need to balance the requirements of new systems and their integration with existing infrastructure.

HR Link is another example of a kind of enterprise messaging bus for Service Delivery – sitting between other shared services to aggregate and action self-service or fully automated workflows.

I am planning another few posts on this topic with a deeper look into how messaging bus operations impact service delivery – especially in Corporate and Cloud infrastructures. But, in the meantime, if interested in how HR Link works from a technology perspective, there is an up-coming webinar about HR Link, delivered by Fusion Business Solutions.

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