My VMworld 2013 Barcelona Schedule

With all the hype about VMworld US starting in a few days, I decided to make my first pass at a schedule plan for VMworld EMEA Barcelona in October.

In the last 2 years, I didn’t make enough use of the Partner sessions, so I’ve tried to add in more of those this year. Also, I’ve added more business-focused sessions, so now I have a more rounded mix of technical, partner and business focus.

So, my schedule as it is at the moment looks like this:

Monday: PAR6419 – VMware Partner Network: Partnerships Built for You and Your Customers
PAR4496 – VMware Purchasing Programs: Giving Your Customers Flexibility in Aquiring VMware Technology
PAR6394 – Make Every Euro Count: Effective Marketing that Drives Results
PAR6491 – VMware Cloud Credits Purchasing Program: How to Increase Value to You and Your Clients on the Journey to the Cloud
Tuesday: PHC4750 – How to Build a Hybrid Cloud in Less than a Day
NET5796 – Virtualization and Cloud Concepts for Network Administrators
SEC5893 – Changing the Economics of Firewall Services in the Software-Defined Data Center: VMware NSX Distributed Firewall
VSVC5547 – Why Build Your Cloud Infrastructure Using VMware
BCO4872 – Operating and Architecting a vSphere Metro Storage Cluster Based Infrastructure
Wednesday: VCM4981 – How to Identify if Your vSphere Environment is Configured to Meet Your Internal IT Standards
BCO5362 – Veeam Backup & Replication v7 Deep Dive
OPT5474 – The Transformative Power and Business Case for Cloud Automation
PAR6399 – Accelerating Your Success with VMware
Thursday: PHC5763 – Mastering Operational Risk and Service Level Agreements (SLA) in the Cloud
VCM5477 – Cloud Service Automation with NSX and vCloud Automation Center
PAR6415 – Winning VMware Cloud Infrastructure Deals Against the Competition
VCM5048 – Automating the Software Defined Data Center: How Do I Get Started?
TEX5363 – Keep it Simple and Integrated: Out of the Box Cross-System Automation with vCenter Orchestrator (vCO)

I look forward to meeting-up and catching-up with lots of you at VMworld! Ping me a tweet at @jeremyjbowman, or see you at vBeers!

Jeremy loves all things technology! Has been in IT for years, loves Macs (but doesn't preach to others about their virtues), loves virtualization (and does shout about it's virtues), and sometimes skis, bikes and directs amateur plays!

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