Force Removal of Licensed vCenter Products

Once in a while, you need to remove or update licensing in vCenter to account for products that have been registered or interact with vCenter Server.

Unfortunately in some cases you need to force unregister products for vCenter Server – say if a product was registered and then deleted without being unregistered, or if an evaluation period has expired but the Evaluation version is still present in vCenter.

The solution is simple if not at first immediately obvious. Follow this process to force unregister a prodult from vCenter:

  1. Login to vSphere Client.
  2. Home > Licensing.
  3. Switch to View by: ‘Asset’.
  4. Right-click the asset or evaluation you want to remove.
  5. Select the bottom option: ‘Remove Asset’.
  6. Accept the warning message.
  7. Check that the asset has been removed from the licensing inventory.

Note: This process should only be followed if there is no chance the product cannot be unregistered automatically, i.e if the registered vApp has already been deleted. If at all possible, best practice would always be to unregister the licensed asset before deleting it.

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