Where Have I Been? Where Am I Going?

I’ve been a bit quiet on the blog and twitter fronts lately. Quite a lot has been happening (in no specific order):

  • I had nearly 3 weeks off for a fantastic holiday with my family starting in late May. I barely looked at twitter or email for the majority of that time except to find out if I made the list of vExperts for 2013.
  • I was involved in “a bit of a bump” that wrote off / totalled our car and have been a little distracted by insurance etc since.
  • A lot of people in my family have birthdays in June. My daughter for one – it’s not every day your eldest turns 7.
  • I decided that the time was right for a change of employer.

No, you didn’t imagine it. I am changing employer. I will shortly be joining Xtravirt (thus changing their vExpert:Employee ratio).

My time with Virtual Clarity has been brilliant. They’re fantastic people with whom I’ve learned a lot and for whom I have a great deal of respect. Thank you.


Michael is a Senior Consultant for Xtravirt. If it's got buttons or flashy lights on it then it'll probably be on his radar. When not "mending computers" (it's sometimes easier than explaining "cloud" to relatives), Michael provides essential education, entertainment and trampoline services to his two children.

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