vCloud Director vApp Error ‘Cannot Update’

vcloud errorCame across another strange issue in a production environment the other day that was also a bit of a facepalm monent.

Users of a private vCloud Director instance were complaining of issues with updating vApps – specifically around adding and managing assigned storage associated with these vApps. The errors presented within the vCloud interface were randomly brief and not a little vague – ‘Details: Error, Status: Error’ etc.

This error in the example was taken directly from the vCloud GUI, with no associated vSphere Tasks (that list being blank).

The error presented wether the vApp was running or stopped, and wether the VM concerned was running or stopped – each time it was the same.

Looking a little deeper into the vCloud logs and at vSphere a likely suspect began to emerge in the vCenter that supports one of the Provider Virtual Datacenters (PvDCs) was recently restarted, and issues had started to present to users since then.

Talking to the admin of the vCenter, apparently, the reboot was routine, and the functionality was as expected.

Now, we all know that vCloud Director 5.1 makes heavy use of profile-driven storage, and this it seems is a direct link in with vCenters supporting PvDCs (which makes sense). After more investigation, I found that the Profile-Driven Storage service on the rebooted vCenter had not started after the last reboot despite being set to start automatically.

This was the source of the error in vCloud Director operations – starting the ‘VMware vSphere Profile-Driven Storage Service’ on the vCenter resolved the issues and vApps were able to be updated, changed etc with no further ‘Cannot update’ errors.

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