vCAC Agent Install ‘RepoUtil.exe’ Error

vcac-agent-errorLike many out there, I am upgrading my lab environment to the new vCloud Automation Center, since 5.2 was released. The installation process is a little different, and shows evidence of the transition from the old DynamicOps product to one more inline with the other vCloud Suite offerings.

I will write-up another post about the full installation of vCAC 5.2 in due course, but in the meantime this is a quick heads-up to make sure to read the requirements documents before completing the install.

vCould Automation Center 5.1 used to require DotNet 4.0 to be installed for Endpoint agents to run correctly. If you are in a lab environment and are happy to build and burn your existing vCAC deployment, then mostly an installation in situ will be fine for you. New database etc and installers are all vanilla.

However, installing the new agent on a Windows 2008 R2 server produced the following interesting error:

RepoUtil.exe has stopped working. A problem has caused the program to stop working correctly. Please close the program.

Further investigation into the Windows logs shows application calls to spurious and varied system DLL files – nothing useful immediately to ID the source of the issue.

Curious I thought. So, back I went to the documentation and read through the installation prerequisites. There I find that Dotnet 4.5 is required for vCAC 5.2.

If you install Dotnet 4.5 from Microsoft to your Windows instance, then re-run the Agent installer as administrator (per the manual) – then all should be well and the RepoUtil.exe error will not now present itself and prevent the install from succeeding.

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