Synology DS1513+ Released

DS1513+The Synology DS1512 has been a popular choice for many home labs in recent years. I hoped that the company’s raft of recent product updates would reach this model eventually. Well my wish was granted as Synology have announced the DS1513+.

There are a few modifications to note. The one that stands out the most at first glance is the doubling of LAN capability.  The DS1513+ boasts no fewer than 4 RJ45 ports. That does seem like quite a lot. It does open up some interesting possibilities though…

The full specifications for the DS1513+ can be found here.

Michael is a Senior Consultant for Xtravirt. If it's got buttons or flashy lights on it then it'll probably be on his radar. When not "mending computers" (it's sometimes easier than explaining "cloud" to relatives), Michael provides essential education, entertainment and trampoline services to his two children.


  1. vsamurai_com says

    I agree with your assessment of the new DS1513+ would love to see some VMware-specific benchmarks. I think that the 2 additional network ports and very high read/write speeds are going to be great for home labs. I just wonder if I have enough hosts (i.e. CPU and memory) to saturate all of the disk I/O available on one of these…

  2. says

    I know that I don’t! Particularly if you were to pop some SSDs in there…

    This changes my outlook on lab storage a little (and scuppers a few posts that I was in the middle of writing).

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