HA Failover Errors in vSphere

In a production system running vSphere 5.1, I’ve noticed that on occasion an error appears at cluster level about ‘HA initiating virtual machine failover’.


Checking the host and vCenter logs shows no host reboots or isolation. In this case, there fortunately is a simple fix that seems to rid the cluster of the erroneous error message.

Disable HA on the cluster (Right-click cluster > Edit Settings > Uncheck HA checkbox). The hosts will automatically disable HA as part of the cluster settings with no effect to the running VMs on the host.

Re-enable HA on the cluster (reverse the settings above). The HA cluster will have an election and elect a new HA master and configure the remainder of the hosts as slaves.

Voila! The error should now disappear and your cluster should be back to full health.

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