Fixing vCloud Director ‘HTTP NFC Error’ & Sysprep

Recently I’ve been doing some work on vCloud Director deployments, typically new VMs within Organisations.

On powering-on VMs or deploying vApps, I got the error ‘Unable to start vApp ‘<vApp Name>’. The more specific error related to one or more of the following errors:

  • ‘HTTP NFC Error’. Cannot deploy package from /opt/vmware/vcloud-director/…. etc etc.
  • Unable to start vApp.
  • Unable to start virtual machines in resource pool.
  • Broken pipe.
  • Broken pipe.



A little bit of digging on the vCloud cell (RHEL in this case) showed the permissions were incorrect on the ‘guestcustomization’ folder, and that changing these fixed the problem. A little more investigation showed-up the following VMware KB article from 2011 confirming which permissions to reset and the commands to use: (Interestingly, it wasn’t the HTTP NFC Error that led me to this KB, rather the error above.

Anyway – using the permissions listed in the KB solved the issue.

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