Database Survey – Please Help

A former colleague of mine (and Jeremy’s), Victoria Holt, is undertaking a survey as part of her PhD with the Open University here in the UK and has asked me for a little help in collecting data. Her research investigates the current practices and procedures that are used in database management and examines the complexities of managing database systems.

Regardless of the database engine of choice (SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL, CouchDb, Hadoop etc.), your help would be appreciated.

Now I’m sure that amongst the people who read this blog there must be a few people who manage all manner of databases. Or perhaps you know someone who does. So please either take a few minutes to complete the survey, blog or share the link to it.

The Survey is at and maps the end-to-end lifecycle for managing database systems whether they be on premise, cloud based or involve differing databases engines, virtualization or big data.

Many thanks!

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