Quick Tip: Installing HP SIM with IE

Another quick tip I came up against recently whilst doing an application installation in my lab concerned HP SIM and Internet Explorer.

Basically – when installing HP SIM (even the very latest version 7.1) in a VM, you can’t use IE 9 or later. The installer works entirely from a web-based installation application embedded in the installer. Try to open / run it in IE 9 – nothing happens when selecting the installation links.

Searching on the HP forums (thinking it was something I had missed in the pre-requisites guide or something), I found that others had found issues running the HP SIM installer with IE 9, and also other newer browsers (Firefox 16, Chrome 23 etc). The only answer:

Install IE 8.

That was the only way to get HP SIM 7.1 installed – downgrade IE to v8, install the application then reinstall IE 9. It was a bit around the houses, but got there in the end. Thanks HP for coding the installer so well! Hopefully, subsequent versions will be able to use > IE9! Sigh.

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