“Failed to login to NFC server” errors in vSphere

I came across a strange little issue with vSphere the other morning whilst moving VMDK files around the network.

The infrastructure I’m working with is all vSphere 5.1, with ESXi hosts and VMFS-5 datastores (VMFS v5.58).

The error occured when uploading a VMDK file from the local vCenter desktop to a LUN via the vSphere client datastore browser – resulting in the error below.

Log files gave few clues, so a little searching arounnd VMware Support and Google resulting in the following possible solutions:

– DNS issues with the client hosting vSphere client.

– Issues with the ESXi host providing connectivity to the datastore (and specifically the VMware configuration file).

– An issue with the VPXA agent (for ESX 3 hosts).


Any of the below KBs or Communities threads may be relevant to your particular issue. However, first suspect should always be DNS! Check this first and resolve any issues before delving further into support and troubleshooting.

KB: 1017196

KB: 1007336

Communities Search Results (Google)

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