UKVMUG 2012 Call for Papers

As the days get shorter, colder and wetter (is that actually possible this year?) it means that November is drawing nearer and that heralds the next UKVMUG in Solihull.

The UKVMUG is the country’s VMware and Virtualisation community conference held annually and this it’s year on November 15th. Put the date in your calendar!

The organising committee have today asked for submissions for community presentations to be made via a google form. If you have a good idea for a presentation on a project or specific technology and you want to present at the VMUG then pop your ideas in here.

Last year’s event was very well attended. See my review of it here.

Michael is a Senior Consultant for Xtravirt. If it's got buttons or flashy lights on it then it'll probably be on his radar. When not "mending computers" (it's sometimes easier than explaining "cloud" to relatives), Michael provides essential education, entertainment and trampoline services to his two children.

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