CulturedCode: Things 2 for Mac OS, iPad & iPhone Review

For those of you out there who use Macs as your main computer (be it a laptop or a desktop), who also have an iPhone and /or an iPad (there are many of you out there for sure) – you will all likely already know about ‘Things’ for Mac, iPhone and iPad.

Things is one of the best task managers available for Mac OS, and I’ve used the Mac OS and iPhone versions since way back in the early release days. I like the way you can tag to-do items with either one of the standard set of tags, or you can add your own custom ones. I like the way you can assign tasks to projects or activities, hence grouping minor activities together into major tasks. I like the integration with other Mac applications, and the possibility to schedule tasks to appear in the future. All these things I like – but there was one thing that really frustrated me about Things – syncing. You couldn’t sync the Mac OS and iPhone versions together except by connecting them to the same wireless network (!), and only then would to-do’s be exchanged between Mac and iPhone. Why not sync via the cable when charging? This has been discussed at length on the internet, and was one of the big frustrations with Things 1.x.

Cultured Code have just released Things 2 – and I’m pleased to report they have addressed the syncing issue in the same direction lots of companies are heading at the moment – with Things Cloud. In the new version (free upgrade for registered members), simply creating a free Things Cloud account and configuring it on your devices, telling it your sync preferences (replace with either / or or merge tasks) and that’s it! No more connecting to adhoc networks, creating spurious networks and the like to get your dentist appointment from your iPhone to your Mac. Sync through the cloud and voila! There are other tweeks in v2 such as changes to the interface for the latest Mac OS and task summaries etc, but the syncing is the biggie for me.

If you have a Mac, or even if you just have an iPhone or iPad, I would recommend taking a look at Things in it’s respective forms. They are available to download from the Mac App Store, via the iTunes Store, via their own web store, or you can download a trial version from

(Disclaimer: I’m not sponsored by Cultured Code and I don’t work for them, I just like their software. The image above is from their website and is owned by them.)

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