Another reason to buy an HP MicroServer N40L!

Whilst we here at are not affiliated in any way with any vendors or resellers, we do post a lot about home lab kit, what we like and what we think could be better. We especially do like the HP MicroServer in all it’s forms (as we’ve blogged about previously here, here and here).

HP runs a cashback offer on this server and it’s variations almost continuously, and when it isn’t then vendors and resellers are often promoting these servers with cashback offers of their own. Now, whilst use tweaking of the specifications to draw in customers to their web stores, ServersPlus is offering a kind of 2-4-1 offer on HP MicroServers. I say kind of, as the offer isn’t for 2 servers, but a server plus another server that’s actually a coolbag with the same form factor.

A novel idea for sure, I now wonder how many picnics will be furnished with this ultimate ‘IT nerd’ (thanks wife) accessory, or if saner heads will prevail and the traditional wicker basket will once again take centre stage in the alfresco rituals.

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  1. Calypso Craig says

    Just bought my first 2 days ago and am eagerly awaiting its arrival.

    Must say, super jealous of the cooler bag though!!

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