vSpecialist vExperts!

Following the release of the vExpert 2012 list, Mike and I are pleased to announce that we have both been honoured by being awarded vExpert status for 2012!

Mike was previously awarded vExpert in 2011, but this is my first time being a newly minted vExpert, and I have to admit to a little jig around the livingroom when I found out on Sunday night (which the wife found highly amusing….)

Anyway, we look forward as always to meeting more of you in the future, and maintaining existing contacts through all the industry and social events we attend.

Mike & Jeremy – vExperts 2012

Jeremy loves all things technology! Has been in IT for years, loves Macs (but doesn't preach to others about their virtues), loves virtualization (and does shout about it's virtues), and sometimes skis, bikes and directs amateur plays!

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