Professional Changes Ahoy!

Over the last few years, I’ve been working in the Education and Public / Charities sectors of IT – firstly at Bath Spa University (where I ‘did’ Apple Server infrastructure back in the days when there were such things, and where I got my first exposure of VMware starting with GSX), and laterly with Eduserv (doing virtualisation and infrastructure delivery projects).

Now, the change bell has tolled again, and I’m excited to announce that I’m stepping out to take up a new opportunity in the commercial sector. I’ve accepted a new role at Fusion Business Solutions, as Managing Consultant – responsible for virtualisation project delivery for clients with existing large server estates. My new role will involve helping Fusion and it’s customers to leverage virtualisation in a holistic way, and integrate and streamline IT delivery into existing and new estates. Big will be meeting clients, project management and technical delivery, as well as capacity and operations analysis, so expect me to be picking your collective expert brains via the social media of your choice in the coming months!

As soon as I’m settled I’ll post an update about my role, and letting my new contact details out of the bag. (Of course, I’ll still be tweeting via @jeremyjbowman).

Cheers. Jeremy.

Jeremy loves all things technology! Has been in IT for years, loves Macs (but doesn't preach to others about their virtues), loves virtualization (and does shout about it's virtues), and sometimes skis, bikes and directs amateur plays!


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