Building A Swimming Pool In Your Datacentre

As the vSpecialist Blog has a standing remit to report on cool (forgive the pun) technology in the virtualised and enterprise spaces, here is another example of the kind of innovative technology that’s invading datacentres.

Got cooling problems? Just build a swimming pool in your datacentre, then chuck in your servers and let them cool themselves in the water. Think I’m joking? No, it’s not (quite) April Fools, but a new piece of tech. from Green Revolution Cooling.

Of course, it’s not quite as simple as that – but almost it is. First reaction – of course not. Second reaction – actually that would work! Simply doing a few changes to your hardware (or building new OEM hardware to use this technology) could allow this to be retro-fitted to any DC. All you need to do is:

  1. Remove the server fans (these become obsolete when the servers are under water), or fit an emulator (if the OS requires one).
  2. Seal the hard drives. Irreversable airtight encapsulation for traditional drives (not required for SSD).
  3. Replace the thermal grease for the CPU / GPU with a special foil replacement.
  4. Install the immersion rack system in the DC, and fill it with dielectric coolant.

Essentially – you now have a swimming pool in your datacentre!

Note: I’m not in any way affiliated with this company or technology – I just think it’s cool tech.

Jeremy loves all things technology! Has been in IT for years, loves Macs (but doesn't preach to others about their virtues), loves virtualization (and does shout about it's virtues), and sometimes skis, bikes and directs amateur plays!


  1. B Lips says

    Hmm, swimmingpool? More like a yakuzi!
    Imagine doing server maintenance in your speedos…

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