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Apple have now released the newest version of the iPad, and at the same time updated the iOS mobile operating system to 5.1. As we aren’t focused on Apple technologies (being a virtualisation blog and all), here is a brief summary of the highlights and where to find more information.

As soon as possible, we will test functionality of the vClient app on the new iOS (and the iPad when we get one….), and report back as soon as we can on any functionality issues, enhancements or improvements.

Apple iPad (

  • Updated retina display, now 2048×1536 at 264 ppi (pixels per inch)
  • Updated 5MP camera
  • Updated processing power, now with dual-core A5X custom processor
  • Includes 4G compatibility
  • New pricing, including new lower price for iPad 2 models
  • Available March 19th in the UK
Apple iOS 5.1 ( – Apple KB Article)
  • Improved SIRI functionality (including japanese language)
  • Improved FaceTime recognition
  • Addition of shortcuts to functions, such as camera on the lock screen
  • Playback media enhancements and bug fixes
  • Fixes to several battery issues
  • Available immediately
Apple iLife for iOS ( – Apple PR announcement)
  • Introduction of iPhoto for iOS (£2.99) (beware – iPad 2 and iPhone 4 or later only, but you can still download and pay for it on earlier hardware
  • Updates to GarageBand and iMovie applications (£2.99 each)
  • Available immediately from iTunes AppStore
  • Other iLife apps also available (Pages, KeyNote, Numbers v1.6) (£6.99 each)
Update: 9th March 2012
It seems that as of the release of iOS 5.1, there has been an issue with the Apple Update servers, as many people have reported that attempted upgrades from iTunes 10.6 and via software update on iOS devices (iPhones and iPads) fails (often with error -3150). This concerns contacting the update servers on ports 80 or 443.
Having spoken to a friend at the AppleStore in Bath and to Apple Support, it seems the issue is at Apple’s end of the connection and all we can do is wait whilst the issues are resolved. There is no issue with your individual iPad or iPhone!

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