vCenter Operations 5 Tips & Tricks

I have started to play with vCenter Operations in lab environments, to evaluate it and see if there is a production use case. Below I have listed for useful information, some tips and tricks and some best practices that proved useful in the course of the evaluation. These will be updated over time…..

If you have any others to add, please do leave us a comment…


VMware vCenter Operations – product information page.

VMware vCenter Operations – product documentation page.

Good install and configure video via Eric Sloof’s blog ( – recommended read…) View it here.

Tips & Tricks

  1. When installing, remember to create an IP-Pools entry, but don’t enable IP Pools!
  2. Remember to associate the IP Pool with the correct vCenter Operations network.
  3. When installing, thick provision the vApp disks for best performance. Thin provisioning not recommended.
  4. Do not use Transient IP allocation. If selecting DHCP, don’t then change to fixed – re-installed recommended instead.
  5. Don’t manually change the IP addresses in the virtual applicances. Use the Admin UI instead.
  6. Use the vApp to power-on and power-off the appliances, don’t do power actions directly on the appliances.

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