VCDX Defence Practice Event – London

Announced at the London VMUG meeting on 26th January, and Virtual Clarity present the first VCDX Defence Practice Event.

VCDX is VMware’s premier / flagship certification “for design architects highly-skilled in VMware enterprise deployments”, and is aimed at “professionals who want to validate and demonstrate their expertise in VMware virtual infrastructure”. (Extracts from VMware VCDX Certification page here). However, this is no ordinary certification, and in line with other technology companies obtaining VCDX is not a case of sitting an exam but preparing a design and presenting / defending it to a panel of industry experts.

How can you prepare for that? That’s where we come in.

The first of it’s kind in the VMware community, the aim of the event is to help prepare VCDX candidates for their design submission and subsequent defence by simulating an actual defence panel.

Why would I do this?

The aim of the Defence Practice Event is to help candidates with the group aspects of a defence session, and to prepare candidates for the type of technical questions they may face from a panel. You may your design inside out, but can you verbalise them to someone who doesn’t know your design as well. Can you explain your choices, limitations and restrictions in your design to someone else, and can you technically defend these when questioned?

Friend or Foe?

The event will be attended by link-minded individuals who are all in the same or similar circumstances. The aim is to provide friendly but focused feedback on submission materials and presentations, by way of a dialog between the panel and the presenter. There will be no formal feedback or score awarded, presenters can take away what they like from each practice session.


The event will be limited to approximately 6 people initially, so everyone gets a fair chunk of time in line with the actual defence session schedules. To attend, we would also expect presenters to be on the VCDX roadmap (i.e. intending to sit a VCDX defence), and to have some well developed submission material that can be shared amongst the group.


The event will be scheduled in late March or April, to meet the timescales for the scheduled May defense session and preparation for the subsequent defence session – still to be confirmed by VMware. The aim is to schedule the day as a 1/2 day event but this could grow, and will also likely coincide with a monthly vBeers event in the evening. There is no registration cost for the event.


The event will be held in Central London.


If you are interested in attending the event, please contact us:

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  1. Anonymous says


    Cheers! At the moment we’re gauging interest and then we’ll try and set out some possible dates. As you can imagine, trying to fit something like this is around several busy schedules isn’t always easy.

    Many thanks again.

  2. Anonymous says


    It’s something that we can look into although for our first attempt it may complicate things a little. I guess it also depends a bit on timings. What time zone are you in?



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