Orchestrator Client on Windows x64

I recently needed to install vCenter Orchestrator client on a Windows 7 x64 machine, to connect to an Orchestration server on the infrastructure. (As was typically the case, I’ve done this already then forgotten how to do it, so this is a reminder for me as well as a how-to for you!)

Previously, there was a standalone client installer for 32-bit Windows installations, and installing a standalone client was easy. If you try to install that on 64-bit Windows, you get the obvious failure. So, how can you install it?

The 64-bit installer is captured on the latest vCenter installer ISO, so you need to login and download this from VMware.

Next, download Virtual Clone Drive (SlySoft, see here), to mount the ISO as an emulated CD/DVD drive. (Other tools are available, but I just use this out of habit….)

Mount the vCenter ISO as a virtual drive, then browse the contents (cancelling the autoplay option).

Open the following folder location: <DVD Root> / <vCenter-Server> / vCO.

Launch the vCenter Orchestratoer <version number> executable.

Follow the default options, and at the following option, select ‘Client’. (It will highlight, it’s not a button).

Select a programme group (typically VMware if you are already a VMware Admin, choose your own preference).

JRE will be installed automatically if needed, as will the default ports.

That’s it! vCO Client should now be installed and ready to configure.

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