vSpecialist Labs: Roadmap

Part Two – Roadmap

In the hardware post for the vSpecialist Labs, we listed the hardware we have to play with to construct the Lab. Now is the challenge of what to do with it. Here is a scratch list of the projects we will be running in the Labs over the coming months.

Status: Testing (T), Research (R), Proof-of-Concept (POC), Evaluation (E).

Infrastructure / vSphere:

– ghettoVCB VM backups (T)

– ESXi Hardening using host profiles (T)

– Cisco UCS Platform Emulator v2.0 deployment and configuration (T) (E)

– vCenter Orchestrator appliance (T)

– Integrating vCenter Orchestrator appliance with Cisco UCS platform emulator (T) (E)

– vCenter Operations (E)

vCloud Director:

– Multi-site vCloud Director configuration with v1.5 (R) (POC)

– vCloud Director appliance (T)

– Multi-site PvDCs per Organisation (R)

– vCloud Connector 1.5 within an Organisation as an endpoint (T)

Site Recovery Manager 5

– SRM within a vCD Organisation as an endpoint (T)

– vSphere Replication (T)

VMware View 5

– View deployment with Cisco UCS (T) (POC)

Over time, we will link to these roadmap items with posts and more information. Please also see the vSpecialist Labs Overview page for lab configuration information.

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