Changing Cisco UCS Platform Emulator 2.0 Hardware Inventory

After installing and configuring the Cisco UCS Platform Emulator, the default inventory for the emulator may not be sufficient for most. So, update it! Here’s how….

The appliance UCS Manager will load the configuration stored in the ‘Start-up Inventory’. On deployment and with no changes, this only contains 2 x Fabrix Interconnects, 1 x Chassis and 8 x Server. That configuration can be added to or modified by a drag-and-drop interface in the Hardware Inventory. To access this, select the ‘Hardware Inventory’ option on the appliance control panel inside the web interface.

To update the Emulator Hardware Inventory:

1. Select ‘Start-up Inventory’ from the the Hardware Inventory tab.

2. Add more Chassis, as desired.

– Click the ‘Add New Chassis’ icon in the inventory toolbar. Give the chassis an ID (sequential to those existing), and a logical name. Chassis will be added as N20-C6508s and automatically populated with a Fabric Extender.

3. Add Servers. Select the Blades tab, then drag a blade onto the chassis you wish to populate. Assign it a slot when requested.

4. Add CPUs. Select the CPU tab, then drag a CPU onto the chassis you want to attach the CPU to. When prompted, enter a Server Slot and Cpu Slot.

5. Repeat the hardware allocation for Servers and Chassis with  DIMMs, HDDs, I/O Adapters, Fans and PSUs using the steps as 3 and 4 above.

When the inventory is complete, select the UCS Manager tab on the appliance control panel web interface, then select ‘Start UCS Manager’ to launch the built configuration.

Inside the Hardware Inventory

For reference, the available options for hardware modification within the UCS Emulator v2.0 are listed below.





I/O Adapters



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