Bath vBeers 9th December 2011

As many of you in the VMware community will know, there are regular vBeers events held around the country. (See for more information about the international phenomenon).

This year, I am arranging a vBeers event in Bath, for anyone and everyone who wants to come and have an early festive celebration in our fair city. I have posted more information on the event on the website – have a look here ( to see full event information, including location and times etc.

In addition to all the main and additional seasonal attractions of Bath, as an added incentive this event is being sponsored by my company Eduserv ( who will ensure everyone who attends will be furnished with a beverage of their choice!

If you’d like more information, please leave us a comment or post us a mail or tweet either here or on the vBeers site, and we can get back to you.

Hope to see many of you along.

Jeremy loves all things technology! Has been in IT for years, loves Macs (but doesn't preach to others about their virtues), loves virtualization (and does shout about it's virtues), and sometimes skis, bikes and directs amateur plays!

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