Troubleshooting vCloud Director Cells

So, you have a single or multi-cell vCloud Director installation, but some of the cells are misbehaving or are having issues? Here are some tips, tricks and gems of information I have collected over time…..

  1. NTP. Time is critically important to vCD cells. If there is a difference between the cells local time is greater than 2 seconds, there will be connectivity issues.
  2. DNS. This is critical – make sure the cells have forward and reverse DNS entries in contactable DNS server.
  3. Check the ‘Transfer’ folder is read/write. If the NFS share is mounted as read-only – the cells will complain and not function.
  4. If a single cell is working, and another cell is added to the configuration, when presenting the transfer NFS mount to the second cell the services need to be restarted on both cells for it to function correctly.
  5. Check the cell.log file for issues, specifically with connectivity to the transfer location.
  6. Has the mount point been added to FSTAB for persistence? If not, add it in there…
  7. Check the transfer location is not full, or have limited space.

Got any tips of your own? Please leave a comment or mail us so I can update this post over time…..

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  1. Jeremy says

    Thanks Chris. I wanted to make a list of common issues with vCloud cells – thanks for the links and clarification!

    ps – Great sessions at VMworld btw! :0)

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