Isilon, UCS, Nexus get the nod for UK Community Cloud Infrastructure

(Point of note: I work for Eduserv, this is my technology take on my current project deployment). Eduserv are building a new cloud service called 'The Community Cloud Infrastructure', with the first service to be deployed being the 'University Modernisation Fund Cloud Pilot'. (Subsequent public and hybrid clouds are planned for deployment on the platform in the future, to support Education, Health, Public Sector and other public bodies). As part of this project, there are some exciting choices and this post is to provide some background information about the technology stack to be used in the infrastructure, and here is the technology stack outline. The purpose of the platform is to be both scalable and resilient, whilst providing … [Read more...]

Troubleshooting vCloud Director Cells

So, you have a single or multi-cell vCloud Director installation, but some of the cells are misbehaving or are having issues? Here are some tips, tricks and gems of information I have collected over time..... NTP. Time is critically important to vCD cells. If there is a difference between the cells local time is greater than 2 seconds, there will be connectivity issues. DNS. This is critical - make sure the cells have forward and reverse DNS entries in contactable DNS server. Check the 'Transfer' folder is read/write. If the NFS share is mounted as read-only - the cells will complain and not function. If a single cell is working, and another cell is added to the configuration, when presenting the transfer NFS mount to the second … [Read more...]

Ephemeral Ports with VMware vCloud Director 1.5 and vSphere 5

This is something that I have been thinking about in a recent build project, where we are considering using vCDNI-Backed networks in vCloud Director. Dave Hill writes a great article on using (or not) Ephemeral Ports in vCD here: ...where the focus was on 4.0 vs. 4.1 deployments. With the recent release of vSphere 5, the arguments for and against using Ephemeral ports in a capacity context come into sharper focus: vSphere 4.1: 1,016 PortGroups per vDS/vCenter vSphere 5: 256 PortGroups per vDS/vCenter Source: vSphere 5 Maximums Guide: vSphere 4.1 Maximums … [Read more...]

Building vCloud Director Cells using CentOS6

In my lab infrastructure (build information soon to be published for information), I have been playing with vCloud Director 1.5. As part of my work day, I am developing a cloud platform as part of a team at Eduserv (for more information see, and part of that is to design availability zones so customer information when populated will be resilient across geographical locations. Now, not being part of the RedHat brigade (and a novice getting up to speed with CentOS), I have been playing with getting vCloud Director cells to work ok on CentOS (an 'unsupported' activity, according to the documentation - RHEL being a pre-req for vCD). In order to get this to work, I followed the following process. NOTE: … [Read more...]

Single vs. Multi-Cell vCloud Director Considerations

With this post, I wanted to outline the considerations for deploying vCloud Director cells in a single vs. multi-cell deployment. These considerations are often relevant when moving a deployment from a lab or P.O.C. deployment to a production or build environment. If you come across that isn't mentioned here, please drop us a comment and add to the list! 'Transit' NFS Share When deploying vCD cells, the NFS share to host the 'transit' location is critical. This is used as part of the downloading of vApps, where downloads are streamed to the transit location then downloaded to the destination - to protect or proxy access to the vCenter from the download location. This is not such an issue for multi-cell environments where the transit … [Read more...]

VMware View 5 Now GA

As well as the other products that they've released today, VMware have managed to pump out View 5. This might explain in part the number of View / Desktop focused sessions at VMworld Europe next month. But, let's not forget, people keep saying that this is the year when Desktop Virtualisation is going to take off. :-) Check out what's new in View 5 here. … [Read more...]