Good Morning OpenStack!

For my first post on vSpecialist, I wanted to start with something on the edge of the virtualization space. With the virtual world all abour VMware and it’s product suite, there are some interesting alternatives waiting in the wings for those adventurous types – come on in OpenStack and wipe your feet!

So, who or what is OpenStack?

OpenStack is open source software to build public and private clouds, comprising Compute (for provisioning and managing large networks of virtual machines, Object Store (for creating petabytes of secure, reliable storage using standard hardware, and Image Service (for cataloging and managing massive libraries of server images.

In a nut-shell, OpenStack is a cloud platform built on open standards by developers from all over the world. OpenStack uses the Apache platform to provide freely-available tools to allow large and scalable public and private cloud environments. There are 3 main projects:

  • OpenStack Compute (code name: Nova)
  • OpenStack Object Storage (code name: Swift)
  • OpenStack Image Service (code name: Glance) – OpenStack Homepage.

OK, so that’s the marketing take on the project, but what’s really under the covers of the project? Check back for the second part of this under-the-bonnet review of open source virtualisation.

Information about the project can be found (along with access and contribution information) at:

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