A Fresh Start… Almost

I’ve been busy for nearly 5 months now. I can’t say what I was doing at the moment – I’ll save it for a chat in a pub somewhere at some point in the future. What’s important is that I’m back and a few things have changed.

For any who did not know, this blog and its contents until this point come from www.wekabyte.co.uk. I used to write there but I found it hard to make myself visible amongst the many, many blogs already out there and I used to wonder why I was doing it. The name didn’t help sometimes. Many people would ask what a wekabyte is and I kept forgetting how many thousands or millions of petabytes it is.

So, here we are with a new URL and it’s one that alludes to what this blog is about and what I aspire to be.

Michael is a Senior Consultant for Xtravirt. If it's got buttons or flashy lights on it then it'll probably be on his radar. When not "mending computers" (it's sometimes easier than explaining "cloud" to relatives), Michael provides essential education, entertainment and trampoline services to his two children.

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